Goose house (420)

by Max Akroyd

Even more than six months in, I’m finding this pregnancy very straightforward. A little pain in my lower back but otherwise no problems. My wife, on the other hand, is slowing down a bit…

This Friday being a gite changeover day means I will doing my impression of a house and garden, many-armed demi-god: mower in one hand, mop, vacuum cleaner, strimmer, bed linen, iron in the others. I’ll just finish this coffee.

While I’m multi-tasking, I’m conscious that a fellow smallholder back in Blighty is, conversely, sitting with her arms crossed on the pretext that she’s awaiting sight of my goose house. It’s unacceptable to me for her to be so under-employed. The sun is shining and she should be out there shovelling manure or something. 

Here, then, is a sneak preview of the goose house crafted by my own fair hands:


The pond still needs a bit of work...


Now, back to work please.