3 things to do in the garden when it’s dry (41 days to go…)

by Max Akroyd

There’s no time to stand around inside:

1. Dig a trench or three. In recent days I easily shifted 100 metres-worth of dusty soil thus. (I asked Emma to capture this scene of impressive toil on camera, but in these conditions it just looked like a fat bloke digging on the moon).

And then promise yourself that’s it. No more potato trenches… it’s time to finish the bean trenches instead! Talking of which, there’s an engineer on site at the moment so tomorrow we’re going to build one of these genius things – the beans hang away from the foliage for ease of collection. An idea (and picture) stolen from an excellent blog, here.

2. Enjoy the flowers. I realise that – close up – I prefer the look of just about every wild flower to just about every garden flower. This probably makes me a Philistine:

3. Look forward to the fruit – it looks like it could be a year of abundance in this respect. But I keep telling myself it’s only April. The ice saints could still pay us a visit next month:

4. Try and forget about those withered early sowings. Leave the garden behind and go for a nice, quiet, meditative walk.

Maybe one day.