Back to my roots (421)

by Max Akroyd

After yesterday’s soft peddling I was raring to go again in the field’s fresh air. The weather definitely contributes to progress at this time of year. In fact, if there was a meteorological pause button I’d be pressing it now while the sun is warm and the breeze is cool. Who needs summer?


Today's trenches (and base camp)


Even cleaning out all the animal houses didn’t dent my enthusiasm. So I wielded my azada and completed two sections of potato trench. This, when combined with another large bed under plastic mulch, will see the conclusion of potato planting for this year. Unless I lose my senses and go for a stab at a main crop sowing and almost certainly lose out to blight later.

With all the lovely beans, cucurbits and corn waiting in the wings for next month, I think it’s desirable to have seed in the ground for all the big root crops before the end of April.  My scorecard so far is:

  • potatoes – over half in the ground
  • jerusalem artichokes – sown
  • parsnips – chitted and sown (ever to be seen again?)
  • beetroot – sown, not showing yet…
  • celeriac – in pots in the greenhouse, looking a bit small
  • salsify & scorzonera – bed almost ready. More on these two next week.
  • oca – must consult books on what to do with this one!

The glaring omission from this list is carrots. I’ve  propped up the bottom line of the seed companies for too long by sowing them too early, so I’m intending to hold on until the last day of April.

Much more pressingly, there’s a goose shelter to construct and that means a trip to Espace Emeraude, my favourite everything shop.


I’m not sure how much a picture of a bowl containing some green stuff will enhance today’s post, but here goes nothing:


A culinary first chez-nous...


It’s wild garlic pesto prepared by me and my daughter. And very nice too, although I’m not sure the additional clove of garlic in the recipe added anything – except enhanced vampire deterrence.