It’s a plan (85 days to go…)

by Max Akroyd

If you have Excel you might be able to see this:


Otherwise, feel free to peer at this (clicking on it once, or even twice, might help):

Whether you’d want to is a different matter, after all it’s only my finalised cropping plan for the coming year. Just completed in time for nature to laugh her head off..!

Everything shown on there that should be in place by now generally is, including fruit trees, perennials – and piglets. Beds for things yet to be sown are somewhere between ready and completely not ready, mainly the latter. But all 145 beds exist in some form or other.

I’ve not included catch crops, green manures and other opportunist thingies because I genuinely feared my head would explode. I’m undecided if a plan makes things less or more likely to happen. But at least that’s something else to think about it as I lie down in a darkened room.