Just mowing (374)

by Max Akroyd


Today is La Pentecôte, one of a few jours fériés – bank holdays – in May. And what a day for it – wall to wall hot sun and blue skies. There isn’t a half term holiday in May here, so this is a good option for a rest before the long haul to the long summer holiday.

Unfortunately for a gardener with a sore everything, tomorrow’s forecast gets more extreme every time I look at it. Storms automatically mean that any mowing which needs doing in the next two days needs to be done today instead, not least because tomorrow might be a bad day to be a tall object on a hillside. Which means a bit of time off tomorrow hopefully celebrating some rain at last. And I’ll be finally excused from watering everything all the time – including the animals.

Right, I’m off to mow a bit more of a meadow…