The Animals

Within a few months our farm animals have transformed from an exotic adjunct to the family into the cornerstone of our household economy. Now I can’t imagine life without abundant fresh eggs, or the waste recycling capabilities of pigs, or whatever it is that our goats contribute…

Above all, though, they offer an ancient feeling of companionship (you’re never alone if you’re within earshot of oinking) and a profound feeling of completeness.

Thus far we’ve acquired a few representatives of some farmyard animals to see if they’re any good and, if so, breed from them. In these tough times the reproductive power of animals is an attractive proposition money-wise.

This page, then, is a photographic tribute to my loyal, greedy and sometimes smelly animal friends. (I’m sure they’d say at least two of those things about me!):

The pigs

The pot-bellies

pot belly













Attributes: Love-machines, Klingon look-a-likes.

The Mini Pigs (a Gloucester Old Spot escaped and found a pot bellied pig…)

mini pigs










 Attributes: Houdini-like escape artists, rotovators extraordinaire.

The big pigs (A cross between – I think – a Gloucester old Spot and a Duroc)

big pig













Attributes: So friendly. So edible.

The dogs

Lucy (Labrador-Collie cross)














Attributes: Guard dog, flouncer.

Poppy (Fauve de Bretagne)












Attributes: Errrm … moth hunter?

The hens  (Brown ones)














Attributes: 6 eggs a day. Not each.

The Guinea fowl (Pearl Grey)














Attributes: Noisy. More stupid than hens. Comedy eggs.

The goats (Chevres des Fossés, maybe crossed with something even less distinguished)












Attributes: Weed eaters. Neurotic.