The Rural Idiocy Awards


Undeterred by the fact that proper institutions like the RHS do proper awards of merit, this is an evolving list of seeds which have proven to do produce very good crops even in the clumsy hands of this gardener.

To qualify, the crop must be useful, hardy and taste good. These seeds will help feed you and your family:

  • Lettuce Montel: Sow October, enjoy emerald green butterheads in early April.
  • Tatsoi: Another October sowing – overwintered in the greenhouse, planted out in January in the polytunnel – its flowering stalks can be eaten like brocolli, but in March.
  • Lettuce Red Deer Tongue: From an October sowing, I was initially underwhelmed with this lettuce. The first leaves were big, floppy and generally unappetising. But it’s as a cut-and-come-again crop that it excels. Beautiful colours and ridiculously productive in the spring polytunnel.
  • Couve Tronchuda: An excellent spring green, with extra sweetness. Sown in October, it wasn’t thrilled about a February transplant into the open field but recovered soon enough to provide a small crop in late April.