Planting notes


These notes are really just an aide-memoire for me. Maybe someone will find something useful here… But they are notes, with none of the elegant, fluid prose also absent from the rest of this blog.

  • Sweet peas: sow October harden off from January. Will reach planting out size if sheltered in the polytunnel during March
  • Chinese celery: sow October. Keep in polytunnel to harden off – doesn’t appreciate winter wind.
  • Tatsoi: sow en masse in October, plant out in January in polytunnel border. Harvest leaf in February, stalks in March.
  • April salad leaves: direct sow the following into the polytunnel border in mid January – mizuna, lambs lettuce, coriander, mustards, rocket.
  • Pak Choi: sow under cover in early February, might follow on from tatsoi in polytunnel?
  • Catch crops: form a central drill between parsnips beetroot etc. and plant out chicories, hardy lettuces, endives, lamb’s lettuce sown into modules in greenhouse early February. Follows on from polytunnel salad leaves.