Gardeners and home bakers of all the world unite! (35 weeks to go…)

by Max Akroyd

I think it’s more difficult being a gardener than a baker.  We don’t have temperature control! And the only pest liable to eat the baker’s produce before s/he does is… well, me.

But we are united in a conviction that working with raw ingredients is a good thing. It’s also a quality and a control thing. Home bakers will also be asked the question: why bother? We may even ask ourselves that from time to time…

But the synthetic compounds masquerading as cakes and vegetables in supermarkets are only less expensive and more efficient (whatever that means) so long as oil and emiserated labour flows cheaply. And, anyway, our stuff tastes much better.

Now, purely in an act of symbolic solidarity, I’m going to eat some home-made cake.