by Emma Akroyd

Firstly I should mention that this is Emma posting to the Rural Idocy blog, so I’ll explain a little bit about what I’ve been up to. I’m currently on an ‘arrêt de travail’ or official maternity leave so I haven’t been getting any of my usual painting work done over here. What I thought I would do instead is to show some of the sketches and other bits and bobs that I’ve been trying to squeeze in, stuff that generally doesn’t take quite as much concentration as the oil painting.

I’ve been drawing Daddy pig in preparation for a dry point print. The starting point for this is the beautiful photo that Garth took.

One sunny morning, we sat on the field by the geese enclosure and spent a blissful 30 minutes in the sunshine drawing away quietly.

Whilst out for a walk,  I was presented with this lovely thistle from one of my little ones. I don’t know what type this is other than to say it is very much like a miniature thistle but the plant is not prickly!