Happy baking (birth)day (380)

by Max Akroyd


When I was little, and we went on family holidays, it made a big impression on me how my parents were transformed by a bit of sun and fresh air. Why couldn’t every day be like that, I wondered? Why did big swathes of time have to be consigned to office or school, which made them all stressed and grey? To my child mind it seemed a terrible waste of all the other non-holiday days.

Thirty-eight years later, when my own five year old asks asks me what I’m doing on my birthday, I say: “Oh, nothing special. Just the usual stuff”. And he’s alright with that.

Today is the return of Baking Day. Last week’s prototype was such a success that it will be a permanent fixture in the family’s week from now on. Nothing spectacular happened, I didn’t reinvent the cabbage or anything, but we could just keep going in the greenhouse uninterrupted by the need to prepare a meal. Stuff like that.

Today’s target is the same as last week’s: bread, sauces and chutneys. The fact that I’m only half way through this list explains the unusually concise nature of this post – all those metaphors about pots on the boil describe accurately the present scene in our kitchen! Right, must fly…