New arrivals (386)

by Max Akroyd

The prospects for today might seem a bit glum. With the next flurry of guests for the gite arriving soon, today will dedicated to that tricky task of trying to get the outside looking presentable.

It’s difficult to keep things tidy. The ‘to do’ list is on an epic scale at this time of year and the appearance of the place suffers. Buckets and tools get left lying around at the fag end of tiring days. Weeds grow in front of the house. The dogs leave bones and sticks lying around and the pigs dig up strange items. Not a good look. All the pots front of house need emptying of their tulips and replacing with the next batch of flowers from the greenhouse. Not a burning priority for me normally, especially when there’s potatoes still to plant and a thousand other jobs to be done in the field. Which is why having a gite is good for us: it stops us subsiding completely into rural idiocy!

But I will be mucking out, mowing, strimming and sweeping with a spring in my step today. For yesterday saw the long awaited arrival of some ducklings!



They’re little fluffy bundles of optimism to my mind. And if I was looking for a dedicated role model it would be mother duck. She has been so attentive to her eggs and ignored all temptations to bob about on the pond instead.  She’s now absolutely starving and funnels up all the wheat and corn I throw her way. Dad is strutting about proudly, but at a slight distance, accepting that he’s no longer the centre of her world.