Bean trenching (393)

by Max Akroyd

After yesterday’s outrageous slackery, it was high time to get to grips with the bean trenches.

This was the unpromising scene awaiting me in the neglected corner of the Kitchen Garden I’d earmarked for this task:


Where to begin?

A morning’s weeding, digging and malleting (?) achieved, well, a half-finished war-zone type look:


Work in progress...

Having persuaded myself that dinner (lunch) was for wimps who lack bean trenches, I got the job done:


Time for a coffee break

I’ve half-heartedly put in a couple of canes to show how the thing will work. The top section is for a row of runner beans whose trenches will be completed at that future date my back has forgiven me for this morning’s endeavours…

Otherwise, all that remains is to fork over the trench and fill it with manure and grass cuttings – which is handy because there’s more mowing to do this afternoon. In an effort to retain moisture in the bean trench, old-timers used to fill their trenches with newspapers. But we don’t get a newspaper, and I find this technique doesn’t work so well with the online edition.