Hiatus (413)

by Max Akroyd

Spring has now fully immersed the garden in her first colours. The race to fruit, seed and generally go forth and multiply defines the scene.

The animals are very different beasts to their soporific winter versions. The burgeoning plant life draws them out first thing in the morning and makes them reluctant to be shut in at night. It’s our first Spring together and it’s an education to watch them submerge themselves completely  in Spring’s flow.

The hens have been at their generous best for weeks now, but the remaining guineas and the fowl are now laying regularly. Mother duck is now on her nest of eight eggs like a statue, unshifting while her husband bobs around on the pond patiently, loyally awaiting her return. The goose leaves her preposterously large eggs just lying around the place – so far – but I’m hoping the pair of them will stop concentrating on making a noise like giant seagulls, and get on with building a nest.

The pigs and goats are suddenly like exaggerated versions of themselves – more foraging, more mischief – and all the females are in season!


For the relatively marginal, human component of the farm the Easter holiday is still in full swing in this part of France. I’m going to make like a mother duck for a couple of days and give the family undistracted time.

Back on Monday, enjoy your sunny weekend!