The good companions (415 days to go)

by Max Akroyd

I’ve been battling manfully with a man cold for the last few days – you know, not complaining at all about the severity of it all… Did I mention my finger still hurts, too?

Latterly I’ve been picking soft tasks, like weeding, or no jobs at all. Today, I couldn’t bear the inertia any more. There are good plants going bad in pots, a depleting thing in the world gnawing at me like a debt. 

So, casting my syptoms to one side, I heroically trudged onto the field to create the first carrot growing space. In the onion beds. Stealing my ideas wholesale from here, I’m approaching carrots in two ways this year. First phase (today’s) is interplanting them with onions – being some remainder red onion sets, and a lot of rather pot bound Ailsa seedlings, sown on January 12th by my own rugged hand. Phase two relies upon Emma and her sewing machine to knock some enviromesh into something resembling Joy’s sterling efforts and will follow later in the month.

I don’t know if it’s my terrible cold (I may have referred to this earlier) or an unusual brush with self-awareness, but the sound of my prose is really pissing me off today. So I present the rest of this post as a self-explanatory silence. (You’ll have to take my word for it that I’d have artfully woven reference to our three year old as another sort of good companion into my gilded text):