The geese have landed! (417 days to go)

by Max Akroyd


It’s been a maniacal morning, readying the area for our new barter acquisitions – a breeding pair of Chinese Brown geese.

It appears my brain can’t compute the names of any more farm animals! When I want to refer to the geese it always comes out a bit like ‘goat’ – so I’ve had to settle for ‘ghost’. This, then, is the ghost house, hastily completed today:


Under construction: NOT the Taj Mahal


There was also a pond to dig; a very modest affair formed from an old water butt. As I dug the hole for the pond I couldn’t help noticing how good the soil was in this area of the field. Oh well, too late to move the enclosure now.

The final (comedy) act was to transport the water for the pond by wheelbarrow from the nearest point the hose pipe could reach. Not the ideal task when you’re in a hurry.

I’d just tipped the last load of water into the pond, when the birds arrived. (By van. They didn’t fly here). Understandably, upon their release, I got hissed at bit – but not pecked once. And now their honking has joined the happy cacophony of the smallholding.


Mr and Mrs Ghost


Now eat that grass, and make ghostlings! I’m off for a coffee.