Potato day (424)

by Max Akroyd

If the theme this week has been ‘getting stuff in the ground quickly because it’s April’, then today was definitely on message.

While I tussled manfully with a long stretch of plastic mulch – never a winning strategy on a windy day – Emma quietly and methodically worked her way around the vacant trenches and lazy beds. It was a bit annoying to me how quickly she completed the planting of these enormous (to my mind) and hard won areas, and how many seed potatoes were left at the end of her efforts.

The final potato planting permutation, planting through plastic mulch, slowed her down a bit though:


Slower going...


This latter exposition of gardening as very hard work would be a cunning plan realised, if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve got to go and complete the row now. Sigh.