87 Strawberries, 38 Sweet peas and 4 Easter eggs (and 425 days to go)

by Max Akroyd

With the sun in the sky again and the promise of an Easter egg hunt, it wasn’t hard to lure the whole family out on to the field today.

It took the kids less than five minutes to discover the eggs I’d taken ages to hide around the garden: but at least that meant they weren’t eaten by a goat, pig or hen first. 

Supercharged by chocolate, the many hands on offer were put to good use ferrying plants to and fro as Emma and I planted out sweet peas:


And then strawberry offsets:


The area we call the Triangle is so big that getting to the end of a row seems to take a lifetime: an interminable process of cutting the plastic mulch, digging a little hole, inserting the plant and repeat. But assisted by more-or-less willing helpers, surrounded by family chit chat and an intimidating job defeated, it’s been my best Easter Sunday in years.

A feeling enhanced by seeing the broad beans sown last month finally breaking the surface. With the annual weeds appearing everywhere now, the long wait is over.