Solanum tuberosum planting methodologies (428)

by Max Akroyd

Being a highly-paid executive in a former life taught me a thing or two.

Well, actually, just two things. Firstly, you can take a common-sense process, like finding ways to plant spuds, give it a really fancy name and make it sound like something professional, complex and expensive. If I could medicalise it too – perhaps identify a microbe on seed potatoes potentially lethal to gardeners – I could be rich… rich I tell you! Where am I going with this? Oh yes, that explains today’s title.

The second thing I learnt was to have an unreasonable fear of deadlines. In all seriousness, the fact that I haven’t got enough spuds planted yet fills me with a similar dread (I imagine) to discovering some part of my anatomy had developed gangrene.

So it’s high time to organise spud planting in case that dreadful unspecified, generalised thing might happen if I don’t. To my mind, there are three planting options (sorry, I don’t know why everything is numbered today).

  1. Planting through plastic mulch

As insurance really, I’ve planted quite a few seed potatoes the conventional way. But 2 & 3 appeal to me because they turn nature against herself using weeds and manure to feed the spuds. Of all three methods I like the lazy beds best because it doesn’t require any alien oil-based substance. This is the first lazy bed being completed this morning – at last: