Back under cover (429 days to go)…

by Max Akroyd

Having four children means I rarely miss the dawn chorus. In fact, our house has one of it’s own: whisperings, floorboards creaking under little feet, the toilet seat being accidentally dropped…

Today the early morning sounds from outside had a quality about them which was unmistakably wet, again. There was the wind again, so sea breeze-y that the house could have been adrift in the Atlantic. 

Unlike other outdoor activities – like going for a walk – when you go gardening you’re a sitting target for the elements. This March brand of wetness would have you soaked to the skin in no time, so another day under cover beckons. Well a morning actually. It has been decreed we’re going on a new seascape hunt this afternoon this morning.

No shortage of things to do inside: there can’t be much you couldn’t sow today if you felt like it. From melons to brussels sprouts, it’s all possible – constrained only by a lack of vacant pots and trays in my case. My 3″ pots ran out weeks ago. Those A4-size trays: full up by the end of February.

I’m now left with pondering the neglected, cobwebby odds and sods selection which includes modules torn and battered after years of service and pots so big I could sow a coconut or two… Oh well, the cucurbit family will enjoy the space – all those squashes, cucumbers, melons, courgettes and acochas (no I don’t know what they are either).


The official weather forecast and my interpretation of the dawn chorus were both wrong. It turned into a lovely day. Which meant the ‘greenshed’ was out of the question and the mowing was the priority.

A picture of the mower, or the mown, wouldn’t be very exciting – so here’s some pictures from this morning’s trip to the beach instead… These scenes are less than an hour from our front door which means, I suppose, that the sea is out of sight but shouldn’t be out of mind in gardening terms.