Sowing weather (430)

by Max Akroyd

I suppose some March days are meant to be this windy and wet. And it does offer a much needed oppotunity to catch up with the month’s sowings.

So it’s a day under glass, or corrugated translucent plastic in my case, for me. An updated list of my endeavours will appear here, later on. But I couldn’t resist recording the first appearance of three different types of egg at Kervéguen this morning.


Duck, hen, guinea fowl


The duck egg was lying abandonned and forlorn in the middle of the ducks’ enclosure. I’m taking the fact that Mme. Canard is sitting on three other eggs as a sign that she’s happy with her new accommodation. Although it’s a bit galling that she’s set up camp under a bush, next door to the expensive duck house which I bought off some M.P. on ebay. (No, not really).