My first (real) harvest of 2010 (432)

by Max Akroyd

There are lettuces in the offing, but tatsoi has won the prize for best October sowing. Today I harvested the almost flowering shoots:




I’m not claiming it will be a culinary delight. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it was meant to eaten at the leaf stage. But last time I grew tatsoi the plant grew into a rosette about the size of a dinner plate so I was waiting for this to happen again. It didn’t and, presumably due to the intervening cold of winter, went to seed instead. No matter. With enough soy sauce and butter it’ll taste fine. Moreover, it valiantly took the hit of the first slugs and thus protected my lettuces as a kind of sacrificial crop.

I bet that’s the most anybody will write about tatsoi today.

There isn’t much else to talk about with the weather this vile and me having as much get up and go after the journey as a limp tatsoi leaf. I got the animals mucked out and then retreated to the greenhouse.

My work undercover is, I’ve decided too spasmodic: I build up queues of things to sow, thin out, prick out, pot on, harden off instead of achieving an orderly and smooth succession. I thought the best way to tackle this was to group all the seedlings into their respective stages of development, before attacking the backlogs. The worst of which is the sowing. But after all the reorganising there was only time to sow artichokes and basils…

At least I’ve go at extra pair of hands – or four – now Easter is coming…


On the production line at 9 years old...