Not according to plan (438)

by Max Akroyd

Some smallholding days are as easy as falling off a log. Today was the other sort.

Nothing startling, just a lot of dead ends: rain started as soon as I got the mower out, the gate I needed wasn’t in stock, a piglet escaped and the guinea fowl disappeared! Everything is now back where it should be , and I didn’t need the gate as it  turned out, but I burned through a lot of that scarce Spring commodity: time. 

I did get the animal houses cleaned out without incident and combined the piglets with the big pig without too much fuss. She finds their mischief a bit puzzling, but just subsides grumbling into her bed when their antics become a bit too silly. I kept them inside today while they got acquainted, tomorrow they will be allowed into the big wide world of their field enclosure.

They live in the hangar, along with most of the other pigs. When we first moved to Kervéguen it was mystery what to do with this church-sized space. In the intervening months its utility has become very apparent and I now sometimes wonder how we managed without one!


In the hangar

We’ve already got the daddy pigs occupying one edge of the structure – you can see their ‘bedroom’ in the photo above (not the blue thing, obviously). I’m looking to repeat this set up at the back of the hangar because that could offer an easy exit into the field. All I need is a bit more time…