Non-gardening day (439)

by Max Akroyd

Our gite starts a three week run of guests next Saturday. Whereas I feel everyone who visits this year will be suitably impressed by my wonky but magnificent rows of beetroot sowings, I concede it may also be important to get the farm looking as neat as possible. The coming week then will have more than its fair share of things only slightly related to gardening, and today was no exception.


The last post


The arrival of a family, who have a little boy with a dog allergy, to stay in our gite later in the season has spurred me on to create an area which effectively seals off the gite garden from our dogs, escapee pigs, guinea fowl and the like. This involved preparing a rough mix using my idiosyncratic two barrow method and setting eight posts. A real change from normal gardening but not, upon reflection, quite as good as a rest.