Loose ends (442)

by Max Akroyd

And then it was gone...


With the vernal equinox approaching (17:32 UTC, 20 March, fact fans) it seems fitting, if not environmentally sound, to burn the uncompostable debris of the autumn and winter. My frazzled eyebrows testify to the intensity of this symbolic act. Goodbye winter, don’t come back too soon.

The necessity to keep an eye on (burning) things, and to stare vacantly into the embers in that strange meditation fire invokes, meant I had to stay in the orbit of the bonfire doing, well, this and that. There was a big bench to move onto the field, which I did, but at what cost to my physiology only time will tell. (Can’t wait for my sons to grow up).

I topped up the goats’ hay – but they were too fascinated by the fire to care – and I moved a final piglet in with the ones we’re keeping. The criteria of selection? She had a big, fat face and long eyelashes. I’m not sure this is in the textbooks but they seemed like good credentials in my eyes.

With the duck area almost sorted, my thoughts are turning to geese. Yesterday I thought we probably had enough diversity in our animal stock. Today I want to put geese on that lawn I salvaged recently and might have mentioned would be for the family… Better get out there quick and create another one before anyone notices…


Before ...


Whilst researching a new area for the stupid lawn, I noticed some wild garlic in the hedgerow which led me to this… Wild garlic pesto here we come!


I love Brittany!


After a couple of hours’ strimming I was developing incipient vibration white finger – but at least the family now has a lawned area for their exclusive use. No vegetable or animal shall take it from them, except maybe some geese in the second phase of their rotation..!


Insert geese here...


Covered in grass strimmings, stinking of bonfire and having had a piglet urinate in my glove this morning, even I had to concede it was time for a bath. This also got me to an appropriate level of social acceptability to go and tie up the terms of tomorrow’s piglets for ducks and geese barter. Upshot being I’ll receive a breeding pair of Indian Runner ducks tomorrow, a handsome pair of Brown Chinese Geese at Easter and four Muscovy ducklings in the summer. Fowl-tastic!