The boars (447)

by Max Akroyd

For two days running I’ve met the daddy pigs somewhere they shouldn’t be. Yesterday it was the tool shed, the day before they were strolling around in front of the hangar…

I’ve looked and looked for their escape route but their present quarters seem completely pig-proof. Their ability to stage an impossible escape is an example of the mystery at the heart of these two brothers.

They were sold to us as pot-bellies, but look more like a wild pig of some sort. On a recent visit, the local huntsmen were convinced they are half sanglier (wild boar) and greeted them with loud cheers – a mixture of reverance and bloodthirsty excitement! It’s the character of the boars that sets them apart from the other pigs, though. It may be entirely down to their gender, but they’re amiable enough without being enthusiastic about human company. They would never, ever roll over to have their tummy tickled as the sows are wont to do. But it’s more than that. There’s a look in their eyes – a wildness compared to our other elephant-eyed pigs  – which is beyond domestication.


A bit wild... one of our boars


I’m very pleased to have these brothers on board: their fertility is the stuff of legend and is the key to what I hope will be a succession of piglets. There aren’t many productive forces which come for free and you’ve got to harness the ones that do… 

The other lesson of their recent escape attempts is that they’re bored boars – their present enclosure has been all turned over and they want pastures new. Fortunately, this coincides with my plan to put the piglets we’re keeping in their enclosure and move the boars onto the field. I need to step up this process and get their enclosure finished this morning. Whether a picture appears of the completed works here later will depend if it’s fit to publish: my building skills are best described as quirky. 


As usual the completion of the boars’ new quarters and the relocation of the boars themselves turned into a bit of a saga. Firstly I completed their bedroom (made of junk):



Then there was their bit of meadow to enclose:



Next, enter the pigs down a bespoke piggy corridor (made of junk). Oh, for one of those fancy sectional fences that real farmers have!



Finally, welcome to your new home boys – hope you like it: