Spring is here! (448)

by Max Akroyd

Finally, finally it’s arrived. I don’t care if it’s nine days until the official start, Spring has come to Kervéguen.

First thing this morning the change was obvious: instead of silence, birdsong was everywhere, the pigs were battering down their doors to get out into the field rather than languishing in the straw and, digging in the field, I soon discovered I was wearing too many layers!


Warm work, at last


It was tempting to just sit and soak up the warmth, the sheer joy of the new season. The big pig, having no other plans for the day and a zen-like approach to living, dug herself a little hollow and did just that:


Zen, pig-style


Having created another potato trench, I though I’d celebrate the day by planting some potatoes. The annual big wave of growth is coming and it seems sensible to ride it to the best of my ability.

This seems like a good moment to offer new season’s greetings to all readers of this blog. I hope all of your growing plans come to fruition in 2010. Now… let’s surf!