Broad Beans (454)

by Max Akroyd

The beautiful weather continues and it’s just as well because the rigours of this week’s workload has me aching all over… if it was raining I’d probably down tools today. Instead the sunshine inspires and cultivation can recommence.

Before any of that, there’s piglets to shift. Apologies if the pictures of me with piglet are a bit blurry – my wife found this unfolding scene very amusing, for some reason:

Priority on the field is broad bean sowing. This is taking place in the Upper beds (no. 10 here). Alongside the Aquadulce rows, slowly reviving after their winter hammering, I’m sowing Express, Green Wndsor and – a new one to me – Karmazyn. I’m presently expanding the cultivated area to accommodate the last of these.

There’s some thinning out to do among the emerging seedlings and a system of supports to construct. Then that will be it for this crop, apart from a late sowing of Suttons in June. Clearly I love broad beans and I’m hoping to have a good crop this year despite our weak, acidic soil.