Planting out day (457)

by Max Akroyd

The weather forecast for the next few days is promising. As our three year old has just said: “Daddy, the sun is come back now.” 

For most of the winter doing the round of the animals was as inviting as spending the same hour in a cold bath. Now I approach this task with a spring in my step, not least because the ankle deep mud has dried up a bit.

But with all well again in the piglet barn, today’s priority is simple: get things in the ground. A recent delivery of 30 raspberry canes, the 45 brassicas and 90 sweet peas hardened off and ready to go in, first early potatoes languishing in their egg boxes, 3 packets each of peas and broad beans, 2 packets of red onion sets and 1 packet of white onion sets … I’m going to feel uncomfortable and restless until they’re all out there in the field. So, today is planting out day.




I am just going outside and may be some time…


Well, I gave it my best shot but have still got a packet of broad beans, one bag of onion sets, half my brassicas and all of the sweet peas still to plant! I simply ran out of time… oh well, there’s always tomorrow.