Piglet-related headache (458)

by Max Akroyd

You might recall that Mummy pig is assisted with her ten piglets by her sister. Aunty pig has been a magnificent support to her sibling – even acting as a kind of dry wet nurse if you see what I mean. The piglets have come through the bleak midwinter hale and hearty, not least due to their aunty’s efforts.

 But it was clear by this morning that Aunty had had enough. She’s hurt her fore-leg somehow and every time she lies down to rest she gets jumped on by ten nieces and nephews. After much consideration of all the possible permutations – and an abortive attempt to relocate Aunty – it’s apparent that the piglets have to move out. The only question is whether to wean them completely at the same time or to take Mum with them.

As with most things on the smallholding, one decision is contingent on a dozen other things being done. Most pressing of which was to sort out a new enclosure for Mum and Aunty while the piglets are removed. I’ve done a lot of it, but much remains to do. This is me sitting in the sun contemplating the myriad options…

Skiving off




Away from the piglets, but there’s new life on the field too. You’ve got to love this almost Spring…