Dream cow and a lazy bed (459)

by Max Akroyd

Only our goats at the end of this rainbow.... unfortunately!

Only our goats at the end of this rainbow...


It was just as well that I was very active today because the weather certainly didn’t contribute warmth-wise. It was steel grey and 3°C almost all day.

Somewhat irrationally, I started about five new mini-projects all at once in a splurge of vernal optimism. Priority was the piglet field though, and reorganisation and expansion of their electrified enclosure. Their meadow came as a neglected and slightly swampy corner of a very big field. I’m hoping that the pigs will complete their rotavation of their area this year. At that point I’ll be asking the help of a local farmer to scarify it and put it down to grass. Hopefully, next year we can get a cow!

Part of this morning’s agenda was to collect some feed from the self-same farmer. In my perfect french (of a two-year old) I tried to explain my scheme. He seemed to approve of the idea and thus self-sufficiency in milk inches closer.

By afternoon, there was just time before the school run to try and knock together the first of my lazy beds. It was an interesting departure from normal trenching and digging.


Not for the lazy...

Not for the lazy


It took me about forty minutes to assemble this ragged, six metre specimen. There’s a real art to it, which I clearly haven’t acquired yet! But I got the general idea that it’s a good thing to cut the outline of the turves before turning them onto the manure. I will need to repeat this process along the outer edges and to avoid forgetting to add seed potatoes at some point.