Five vegetables not worth growing

by Max Akroyd

Growing your own vegetables is, of course, the best way to achieve a nutrtious, gourmet diet. There are, however, some exceptions:

1. Onions from seed: planting onion sets is a less pure and less virtuous form of gardening. Cheating almost. And it works and it’s cheaper.

2. Maincrop potatoes: appearing in this list on behalf of organically-minded Breton and Devonian potato growers who, thanks to blight, will never get to see the final crop after all that effort. 

3. Winter radishes: Truly a Rolls-Royce among vegetables: you don’t see them very often, bigger than you could ever need and completely inedible.

4. Sculpit: Obscure Itallian salad leaf. Looks like grass. Tastes like grass. Wait a minute..!

5. Asparagus peas: Save time. Throw away the seeds and eat the seed packet. Same taste experience as the crop itself. Worth noting, any obscure vegetable that allegedly ‘tastes a bit like asparagus’ doesn’t.