Hints of Spring (471)

by Max Akroyd

It’s underway. The seasonal pendulum is heading away from the bleak intransigence of winter to a kindness which actively facilitates life. Everything enjoys it: from our sow sunbathing in a hollow she’d created on the side of the hill to the discernible (at last) growth of the crops in the polytunnel. The day easily fought off the morning’s hard frost instead of succumbing to it.

For a few moments this morning I sat down with Emma on a bench. It was a sheltered spot admittedly, but for the first time since October the sun was very pleasantly warm. Each day new light illuminates new areas in new ways. Maybe because I’m over half way through life, this feels like a very poignant gift.


Old tree, new light


In the bright sunlight, today’s patchwork of jobs felt half as laborious as yesterday’s. Even sweeping out the goat house was ok! I’m using the resulting contents of my bucket to fertilise the onion bed, something their manure seems designed for…

We’re finally fully engaged with sprucing up the appearance of the house and its immediate surroundings in readiness for the next gite guests. Lots of pruning and painting exterior woodwork for Emma and the creation of an enclosure for the gite garden for me. All willingly assisted (every now and again) by our offspring. It’s a great way to spend the holiday.