Last minute preparations (477)

by Max Akroyd

By and large I think I do a pretty good job of holding the ‘real world’ at bay so I can keep peddling away towards the distant goal of self-sufficiency. In the next week or so reality is going to take its revenge and disrupt things good and properly!

Business admin., spring cleaning (note how I did the animals’ abodes first!), medical appointments, trips to the UK and a half-term holiday will all conspire to distract me long enough to get truly off schedule in the garden. At one level this is a good thing: I’m sure it keeps me busier than I would be if I subsided into a profound rural idiocy and, certainly as far as my back is concerned, a change is as good as a rest…

But there is something a bit ironic about the fact that everything that doesn’t involve growing the family’s food would be rationally filed under ‘reality’ and that basic subsistence is considered an odd backwater. I wonder if this general perception will change in the coming months and years..? I’ve always envied our Labrador’s ability to remain unperturbed in her basket as extremely important matters come and go around her…

The only reason I mention any of this now is to explain in advance that postings to the blog may become a little less than daily for a while. In fact, with spring’s assault massing on the horizon it was always inevitable that my unruly acres were going to cut down on waffle time. So, apologies in advance (unless you’re cheering!)


With my new role model (a headless chicken) firmly in mind, I rushed around the farm throwing straw in the direction of unwary pigs, weeding onion beds and filling the propagators with newly sown things (there’s a list of this month’s sowings forming here). It’s still a dull and gloomy world out there. But there’s more and more activity among the local fauna; birds particularly are, by their omnipresence, pulling on the drawstrings of the big winter land and sky scapes.