Bed Plan – The Triangle (483)

by Max Akroyd

When we moved to Kervéguen two years ago, the field where our garden is now situated was like a manicured, suburban lawn. This was perfect for digging up and making into something more useful and interesting (in my humble opinion). One large area within the field had, however, been left to go native and was euphemistically known as ‘wild flower meadow’. This proved to be a complete nightmare to tame – rotavating pigs and I were strangers at that point, rather than the mutually appreciative (and similar smelling) friends we now are! 

Eventually though the area we call The Triangle was born. If I was a permaculturalist I’d claim this shape was borne of sympathy with the landscape’s morphological tendencies and to maximise seasonal saliency – or something. (I’d also have lots of footnotes. Permaculture is full of footnotes.)  Truth is, we liked the shape. This is what might happen there this season.

More scrawl!

It’s been a big undertaking. The strawberry bed at the base is nearly 40 metres long – there are lots of other strawberries waiting in pots ready to plant out. Half the raspberries are in, half are hopefully in the post right now. The apple trees are all Breton or Norman varieties.

Most of the other space – and there’s plenty –  is being devoted to potatoes. This isn’t because it’s a perfect spot for them, but rather to help open up the soil which seems particularly  compacted and mean in this area. This also explains why there are no follow on crops listed. The post-potato beds are going to be planted with green manures to build up their fertility for the next, all-important season.