Bed Plan – The Upper Beds (485)

by Max Akroyd

Between the Kitchen Garden area and an expanse of uncultivated meadow are the Upper Beds. This is their cropping plan for 2010:


More colouring in...


The Upper Beds comprise 12 beds, each a metre wide and the whole area is 32 metres in length. It’s testimony to my love of broad beans that the whole top section of the beds will be dedicated to this crop in the first half of the season; four of them are already sprouting the Aquadulce beans sown in September and October. It has to be said though, there’s something about my soil that broad beans don’t like and the results I had last season were wretched.

Was it Dr. Hessayon who said: if you can’t grow broad beans give up growing vegetables and take up fishing? Before heading for the fishing rod shop, I’ve tried amending my soil with wood ash because I read broad beans like potash … here’s hoping.

The rest of the area will be dedicated to peas and there are two rows of October-sown specimens already in and two more rows to be uncovered in April to accommodate the main crop sowing…