Beetroot and brambles (488)

by Max Akroyd

January put her teeth back in today; my progress was hampered a bit by swirling wind, rain and the encroaching mud. At one point there was a beautiful rainbow arcing over the field but there’s too much soil in my camera at the moment, so you’ll have to take my word for the splendour of it all.

I got about thirteen metres of beetroot bed prepared. It’s one – I wish it was the only one – of the supposedly easy vegetables which I struggle to get good results with… perhaps my longtime association with acid soils is the reason. I would regard it as a major success this year if I got the rainbow assortment of beets promised by my seed packets.

Next up was an attempt to tackle the mother of all bramble patches which occupies a large area of the piglets’ field. I’m readying the field for their release into the open in the next week or so and the brambles are encroaching too much on the path which will take them to the meadow. I threw the pigs the weeds from the beetroot bed, plus a few old cabbages, and snipped away with the loppers until the rain turned horizontal.

A similar operation this afternoon as I tackle the pruning of the raspberry canes. That’s if I don’t fall asleep in front of the fire first…