The Spring Delusion (493)

by Max Akroyd

Not Spring


Of course it’s going to turn sour again but today’s weather was very, very sweet. For me, this short dose of sunlight and warmth in January is reason enough to live in Brittany. It’s another two months of life each year compared to the quota in Northern England.

Sunday is strictly a rest day and – like all strict rules – I’m compelled to find a way around it and do gardening things which technically aren’t gardening. So I surreptitiously took out the lettuce and endive seeds I’d been testing for viability and replaced them with chicory seeds. I then read at length all about the schedule for raising the many types of chicories. I think, though, that getting the mower out and mowing the back garden got me found out… 

It was announced that we were going for a walk. Which is no bad thing. This line of work plays to my agoraphobia and I’d stay within these boundaries all the time if I could. And it was a beautiful day for a walk in the forest.


Forest path