Making mince (505)

by Max Akroyd

The thaw – and the rain – has finally set in, but snow is still all around. The propagators are now full of freshly-sown pots of this and that and my gardening options are exhausted again. 

Not a problem. A minor food crisis chez-nous has concentrated the mind somewhat today. In fact, the last fortnight has been arduous but very instructive food-wise: with no car (and no inclination to walk to the supermarket again) meaning a real primer for the wannabe self-sufficient. You really start to consider in earnest what could be grown to make times like this less threadbare.

And yet, when you do, the list is actually quite short. With meat in the freezer (in our case pork) you only need to add a few extras  into the mix and life becomes very palatable: some dried pulses, processed home grown tomatoes, herbs… With things lke this on the menu it’s tempting to forget about shopping for food altogether… family, food and a good fire seem a more authentic use of time.

Anyway too much digression. We were down to very little in the fridge and store. Time to unveil our family Christmas present. In previous years this might have been a playstation. This year, a mincer! If there’s a new piece of kit that needs putting together then, of course, it falls to me to roll up my sleeves, stare blankly at the instructions and after a small amount of time stand back and let Emma sort it out!

The thinker

Miraculously, to my mind, the thing was soon washed and assembled. I cut the meat, and just seconds later, our first processed meat was created:

1 kg of pork mince

I’m still at the stage in this farm’s development when such an occurence leaves me in a state of slightly stunned contentment; a self-satisfaction only tempered somewhat by tasting some of my brother-in-law’s excellent home-brewed beer last night. 

Tasted and approved!

Bring on this next challenge!