A walk in the snow (509)

by Max Akroyd

The Peak Oil simulation continues. Today we are ice bound and, with four hungry children to feed and self-sufficiency a target rather than reality, a trip to market beckoned. With the car languishing uselessly in the hangar, I had no option other than to don my boots and rucksack and set off for our local little town, Huelgoat…

No kidding... a slightly ironic sign on the road to Huelgoat...

It’s a pretty scenic route and a pretty slippy one too today: up a long hill and down a long hill. Gritting isn’t part of the communal budget around here, the only difference to the UK being that nobody pretends that it is!

Brittany under snow

As well as some bags of sugar and other surprisingly heavy stuff, my reward for this effort was a rare view of Huelgoat in the snow:

The market place - but no Thursday market (it being Friday!)

Snow in the Chaos

The Lake was almost frozen...

... but not quite.

After two and a half hours I was almost home and meeting my own tracks going up the hill. Out of the snow with a sack full of goodies, like a late and disorientated Santa!