Animal consequences (515)

by Max Akroyd

The final phase of my Great Unforseen Rearrangement of the animals took place today.

Unless it’s been updated when you read this – which is unlikely – this plan shows the arrangement of animal housing by the end of 2009. By the end of today the hens had been moved next door to the goats, the remaining big pig has moved from the top barn of the Old House to the former hen house and the guinea fowl have moved out of the hen house and in with the pot bellied pigs, the mini pigs having been moved to the big pigs’ field previously. Simple! (I’m not sure where the goats are, but I’m sure this will become apparent in due course).

Unfortunately for me, every new location needed cleaning of the previous residents’ mess before the new lodger(s) could move in… so it’s been a busy day. But at least the big sow is now next door to her potential pot-bellied suitors and they can get to know each other a bit through a partition before getting on with ‘the business’. Or fighting, as seems to be my pigs’ preference.

The signs are good though – if you consider the  ungentlemanly salivating of the male pot bellies at the sight of their new neighbour a good sign..!