by Max Akroyd

Well that’s it. The winter solstice has arrived, the light will return and, whatever our calendars and festivals say, the new year has begun.

In terms of my project, the prologue is over and soon the real work begins… But the next ten days will be mainly family time. Honestly! And time for resting my back! I’ll be updating and improving the site generally, but my next blog post proper will be on 1 January 2010.



The start of  the next calendar year means an end to preparation and a beginning of the project proper. Having reflected upon this, mainly while standing up to my gunnels in mud, this really amounts to acquiring or honing a range of skills. The beds are as ready as they can be and planting things in them is the easy bit: 2010 will really be about preserving and curing, home brewing and baking…  Oh and hoeing, lots of hoeing.

2009 was a grim year for the environment and the economy. After Copenhagen, though – without any hope of political top cover – hopefully people will wake up to the need to be prepared: such self-interested preparedness on a big scale might achieve in environmental terms what political horsetrading never could. The economic prospects preclude any such optimism. One of my motivations for doing this was to be ready for an uncertain future. This seems like a very uncertain present as I write this.





I’d like to thank everyone who has read and/or contributed to this blog so far. I’ve been amazed that so many people are even remotely interested in what’s happening in this soggy field in Brittany. I’d greatly appreciate your continued company over the next twenty-four months – providing I survive that long!

Best wishes for the year ahead,