It’s Sunday – I think…(527)

by Max Akroyd

With the year’s finishing line in sight my gardening pace has degenerated into a disorganised stagger. Having kept Christmas distractions at bay with an SAS level of preparedness, the weather has managed to undermine my efforts to get those final things up-to-date in the garden. In fact, given the amount of snow we’ve had, I couldn’t even see those final things. Oh well, that 2010 me is going to get a rag tag assortment of minor tasks by way of a late Christmas present.

The same precipitation which is presumably burying my UK-dwelling friends and relatives in snow today is falling here as heavy rain; or maybe it’s wet sleet. Hard to tell from in here and I’m in no rush to go out there. I’ve pretty much completed my indoor jobs outside (if you see what I mean) and the prospect of what to do today is as blurred as trying to work out what day of the week it is after mid-December. Wait a minute it’s Sunday! That’s meant to be my day off… now there’s a plan.