Seed Order (555)

by Max Akroyd

Day off today, but I’ve managed to complete my seed order for 2010 via Chase Organics, without getting into bother with the domestic authority:

  CUCUMBER Rocky F1 (Mini)  
  CUCUMBER Flamingo F1  
  SORREL Buckler leaved  
  VALERIAN officianalis  
  CRESS Greek  
  SEAKALE Lillywhite  
  LEEK Atlanta  
  ASPARAGUS LETTUCE Cracoviensis  
  RADISH White Dream (Neckarruhm Weis)  
  ONION Ailsa Craig  
  BRUSSELS SPROUT (Late) Rubine  
  CABBAGE Marner Lagerrot (Storing Red)  
  CABBAGE January King  
  BROCCOLI Santee F1  
  BROCCOLI Wok Brocc


Hopefully, these will fill the present gaps in my harvest plan for the year ahead. It’s notable that archaic vegetables like seakale and good king Henry have a renewed significance when you’re contemplating self-sufficiency. 2010  is my ‘dress rehearsal’ year, during which I’d like to discover the flaws in my plan while the safety net of the supermarket is still in place!