Broad beans and sweet peas (560)

by Max Akroyd

Although today’s gardening shift was compressed between a night of back pain and an inexorable, grey tide of uninteresting Other Stuff to do, the morning was autumnal perfection. That rich mix of cold and warm, sunlight and shadow, damp and… well, the damp has no counterpoint in Finistère at this time of year. Everything is wringing wet and, like the washing on the line, will stubbornly stay that way.

I continued to split the sweet peas which are rapidly out-growing their 3″ pots. They are being re-housed in 4.5″ pots where, their tips pinched out, they will remain until spring. Most flowers are too faffy for me but sweet peas transcend their non-edibility by being so abundant in scent and colour. I’ll plant out at least a hundred in the new year.

More thoughts of gentler seasons as the broad bean sowing  recommenced. A fifteen metre trench was raked over and planted with another lot of Aquadulce broad beans. The sowings from two weeks ago are already breaking through. Another ten metres and I’m done.