by Max Akroyd

A day off: for the family and the weather. In fact, there was no weather today. As if exhausted by its antics of the last couple of days, it shrugged and offered a weary, monochrome world.

11am: Pointe de Bendy

11am: Pointe de Bendy

On top of the flotsam which settles in the car boot before a family trip to the seaside, I placed a bucket and a knife. I dreamt of wild mussels aplenty ready for the taking – not at all uncommon around the coast of Finistère. We even stopped at the supermarket en route to buy some bad white wine to cook them in. We struck out due west to discover our nearest point on the Atlantic coast. Within half an hour we were picking up the signs for Pointe de Bendy. With a name like that what could possibly go wrong?

No wind, no rain…and no mussels. Lots of limpets (I’m not that desperate … yet) and quite a few oysters. Unfortunately I hadn’t packed a crow bar. In fact, I don’t own a crow bar, or an oyster knife for that matter. But Christmas is coming and this may change… and  another consolation, a glass or two of 3€ wine await.