by Max Akroyd

The morning’s weather was goat-good for the first time in a week. So I led them out to chomp the last leaves of the year. They were very obedient for once as the chance to forage beckoned.

With the other animals fed and watered a decision had to be made about what to shoe horn into the couple of hours before the school pick-up book-ended my working day. The soil was too wet to even look at, so cultivation/planting was out of the question. I headed instead for the fuggy interior of the poytunnel and set about clearing the debris of the summer away. I was surprised and pleased to see some fruit I’d missed, bright as fireworks among the dying foliage:


Summer's last bounty

By the time I had to finish the place was looking much better and will be a good platform for the hens to spend their autumn days doing the rest of the hard work…