by Max Akroyd

It was a perfect autumn day today: a frosty start – our first of the season – with a little mist in the valleys, gave way to a sunny day with spotlessly blue skies.

I had our three year old in tow today and elected to do some sowing with him. First of all we finished tidying the greenhouse and laying the bulbs out:


He has enviably nimble little fingers which can pick up just the right amount of lettuce seeds and deposit them into the correct planting space. He doesn’t tire of this process either so we managed to get quite a few modules completed with spinach and leaf beet going in too.


That’s him in the background, writing heiroglyphics on my plant labels in permanent ink… The problems really begin when watering in is required: that special combination of young child and water-under-pressure.  Soon the compost and the seed has been blasted out of the pots, the greenhouse is awash and he requires a full change of clothes. Oh well, we all have to start somewhere.

Relieved of paternal duties, I set about some more mowing. The number of days in which the grass will dry out sufficiently to be cut feels limited now so I’m grabbing the opportunity, and the mower, with both hands. Strimming can wait for a rainy day.