by Max Akroyd

It’s becoming apparent straight away that foraging for wild food will be a significant part of the Rural Idiocy project. For all the difficulties facing the gardener hereabouts, nature is very generous in the provision of wild foods. Nuts, fungi, and hedgerow fruits are abundant in Finistère. Fish, shellfish and game also abound. Driving down to Carhaix today a huge wild boar ran across the main road in front of our car: a dark, primordial metaphor for … something.

I’m preparing a wild food map of our local area so I remember good locations for the various ‘crops’. I’ve also arranged to barter some of our produce with a friend who is moving up to the north coast to fish… this is a beautiful photo he took of a recent catch (mackerel and horse mackerel, I understand):

Whiting -


I’m hoping to extend similar barter arrangements to encompass the local hunt in the near future.

The aforementioned friend also allowed us to raid his garden for some windfalls today:




The whole family happily gathered acorns, chestnuts and apples for the pigs; plus some beautiful walnuts for us. I read subsequently, though, that the apples can only be fed to the pigs in moderation, there being a distinct risk that any fermentation will make them drunk!