by Max Akroyd

A bit of wash out weather-wise. There’s always a host of animal-related indoor jobs that need doing, but just going to and from their houses got me soaked to the skin.

Before throwing in the towel, I managed to get the hen house cleaned out and the deep litter of straw augmented. The birds which ventured outside during this dusty procedure got completely drenched in minutes but still lacked the brain power to come back in. But at least when thrown back in the hens stayed in; the guinea fowl just charged straight out again, thus losing the battle of the bird brains..!

I increased the supply of straw bedding for the mini-pigs too. And made alterations to their electrified enclosure necessitated by their habit of nudging piles of earth against the perimeter. I had to move quickly as the current was off and the pigs were loose … but I needn’t have worried: when I went back into their house they were all submerged together in the new bedding, half asleep and waiting for the weather to change… very wise.